TRF Canada

We are a group of Canadian-based youth dedicated to making a difference in the lives of families facing a childhood cancer diagnosis. We do this through fundraising, advocacy and providing support and assistance to families so that they know they are not alone in this battle.


Meet the Canadian families that our efforts are supporting:

CARTER was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor, when he was 9 years old. He was rushed into surgery, underwent 30 days of radiation, and nine months of intensive chemotherapy. During treatment Carter developed posterior fossa syndrome which is similar to a stroke, and he’s working hard to relearn all of the skills he lost through speech and physiotherapy. Six months after his initial treatment Carter relapsed. He is currently still receiving chemotherapy as well as weekly transfusions of blood and platelets. His family was the first Canadian family to receive a signature grant from the Tyler Robinson Foundation and they are in their third year receiving support.

KAIDEN was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2016 when he was only 3 years old. He received treatment at home in Newfoundland and at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. Through two relapses Kaiden and his family never gave up and continued to fight his cancer and to make memories together. In January of 2019 Kaiden’s cancer had spread to his brain and he died surrounded by his family. Kaiden was 6 and is missed by his whole community. The Tyler Robinson Foundation continues to provide his family with financial support as they learn to live without their little boy.

LILLIAN was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the age of 2 and a half. She completed 2 and a half years of treatment and has been declared in remission. As a member of our school community our team was able to call on TRF to provide financial support. We were also able to help the family by driving her sibling to school, babysitting and providing meals and emotional support.

NATHAN is a regular 16 year old boy who loves playing soccer and spending time with family and friends. He was injured during a typical soccer game and what was thought to be a simple back injury, turned out to be every family’s nightmare.

In October 2018, Nathan woke up for school when he realized he lost feeling in his legs. He and his family rushed to Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto where extensive tests were completed and a cancerous tumor was found on Nathans spine in his lower back.

Nathan started treatment shortly after & his parents took emergency leave from their jobs to be there for him. Nathan and his family were presented to TRF shortly after he began treatment and continue to be supported through the Signature Grant and Travel Grant programs.

OWEN started getting terrible migraines in fall of 2018 and after numerous visits to thedoctors found a tumour located in the centre of his brain.

Sick Kids Toronto Ontario treated Owen promptly and surgeons were able to remove 95% of the tumour. He recouped exceptionally well, and with the aid a walker for balance, Owen was able to make it home for the week of Christmas 2018.

After many surgeries and treatments, family funds were dwindling and the family was nervous to send Owen back to high school with a compromised immune system, so soon after having brain surgery. Shortly thereafer, Owen’s family was selected to become a TRF family so their financial burdens can be lessened and they can focus on what matters most.

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