Cranes for a Cause NEEDS YOU

Cranes for a Cause NEEDS YOU

Our friends at @cardsagainstcancer (on Instagram) are collecting folded paper cranes.

They’ve collected about 700 so far.

FOLD YOURS (on 3″ X 3″ paper) AND SEND TO:

Cards for a Cause

6275 Cypress Circle

San Antonio, TX 78240

They’re working with University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas to donate a 2,000 origami paper crane installation to the Hospital as part of our “Cranes for a Cause” initiative.

According to Alex’s Lemonade and National Cancer Institute reports, approximately 2,000 children die of cancer every year in the United States alone.

In honor of these children who continue to fly beyond cancer, we will be folding these 2,000 cranes.

Because each crane will be folded in honor of a child affected by pediatric cancer, they hope that the visual impact of seeing the 2,000 origami paper cranes will draw much-needed attention to the urgent need to increase federal funding for pediatric cancer research.

Along with the cranes, we are working on making instructional origami videos for hospital patients.

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