TRF: Covid-19 Response Plan





In this new reality brought on by Coronavirus, the uncertainty we’re all facing is something already familiar to our pediatric cancer families who already adjust their lives to accommodate their immunocompromised children. The addition of this pandemic brings additional insecurity to these families already facing incomprehensible burdens.

We are launching the TRF COVID-19 Emergency Fund Drive to help stabilize our pediatric cancer families worldwide.

Our Signature Grant Program is structured to cover up to $1,000 of our TRF’s monthly non-medical expenses. Typically these funds are applied toward housing, automotive, and utility costs. Because there are occasional needs that fall outside of this program, TRF created the Emergency Fund several years ago. Today, we’re asking for your help to increase the balance in our Emergency Fund, so we’re able to support our TRF families in additional ways through these extenuating circumstances.

We know that their financial barriers are only compounded by the spread of the virus. We want to fill the gap for families facing complex financial hurdles such as:

  • A family that travels a great distance for treatment finding their appointments cancelled.
  • A mother who has already quit her job to be by her child’s side, and a father who is suddenly unable to work while his employer shuts down.
  • Weekly grocery and personal expense costs are skyrocketing for families who now have their children home while school is canceled.


We’d like to introduce you to some of these families and their stories.

So many people are looking for ways to help. Please consider this opportunity to make a considerable impact for our struggling families.