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The Foundation is a public charity governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who are recruited for their passion, expertise and experience that broadens the reach and scope of the foundation. The 2018 Board is comprised of thirteen dedicated individuals whose responsibility is the fiscal viability and strategic vision of the organization.



The Tyler Robinson Foundation is based on a very simple premise – families affected by pediatric cancer have to be brave every day. TRF helps them stay brave, providing relief through networking support and financial assistance so that families and patients can focus on what matters most, hope for their future. It is uplifting and, at the same time, incredibly humbling to be a part of this group of people who have taken on the challenge of cancer’s unseen costs.

Jennifer Carleton

Chairman, Sightline

I started on this path through a chance encounter with someone impacted by it. It's impossible to be unmoved by kids struggling with a disease that can feel so incomprehensible and overwhelming. And yet, the courage and positive outlook they and their families embody is astounding. I can think of nothing more gratifying than finding a family who feels like they've had their whole world turned upside down and giving them the support, resources, and love they need to sustain them in and beyond their trial.

Mac Reynolds

Vice-Chair, Imagine Dragons
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Tyler’s story of courage in the face of cancer inspired me to get involved with TRF; and the courage and strength of all of our TRF families continues to inspire me every single day. Children who are battling cancer are among the bravest and most resilient children I know. I am so proud to be a part of TRF because I know our TRF families will get emotional and financial support which is tailored to their individual needs. The TRF board members, staff and volunteers are incredibly dedicated, intelligent and compassionate.

Jill Alintoff, Esq.



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Throughout my health care career, I’ve witnessed the devastating impact when a child is stricken with cancer. In my own family, our young son endured numerous surgeries due to a challenging health condition, therefore I know firsthand the personal struggles a family can face. The support provided by TRF is heaven-sent, and provided to assist in helping these families by supporting them so they may concentrate on their child and focus on their recovery, while also strengthening them financially and emotionally. This mission is something I’m proud and honored to be a part of.

Toni Corbin

Southwest Medical
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A dear friend, who recently lost her life, brought my attention to TRF. Laura believed strongly in their mission & gave much of her time and energy to support it. I am honored to continue her journey to support families as they fight against pediatric cancer. As the mom of two boys, I can only imagine what a challenging time it would be for these families. Parents should worry about nothing other than getting their child healthy again!

Karen Dillard


Ben McKee

Imagine Dragons
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While any form of cancer can be frightening for both the patient and loved ones, for me, pediatric cancer taps into a darker emotion. Children suffering at such young ages is hard to understand. That the family must walk this path, both emotionally and financially, is wrong. TRF’s mission is to ease the financial burdens of families of children with pediatric cancer so that they can spend the maximum amount of time nurturing and loving their child, hopefully to recovery.


Banking Solutions/FIS

Dan Platzman

Imagine Dragons

Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragons
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I believe strongly in preventing childhood cancer from destroying the child’s support group while it attacks the child. A large part of the cure is the continued love, reinforcement and companionship of the family and TRF helps protect and enforce these basic needs for recovery.

Ron Reynolds

Reynolds & Associates
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Brent Robinson

The Pinnacle Agency
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TRF truly understands the struggle and works endlessly to raise awareness and funds to help these struggling families. I’m a part of TRF because they give families hope!

Jarom Schmidt

Community Health Systems

Wayne Sermon

Imagine Dragons
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TRF holds a special place in my heart. Pediatric cancer is a devastating illness, and the costs associated can financially cripple a family. I am so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the foundation. It is critical that the TRF families have the resources they need, so they can focus on their loved ones.

Alex Sharpe

Signature Travel Network
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As a mother, I am incredibly passionate about helping children and their parents. Through TRF I now have the opportunity to use my years of experience as a wealth management advisor to help parents with sick children successfully navigate through the very real financial pressures that often follow the diagnosis and treatment of a disease.

Jennifer Shydler

Merrill Lynch
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As a physician and researcher, I have firsthand knowledge of what patients and their loved ones have to go through when conquering their battle with cancer. Pediatric cancer effects the whole family in a way that no other health condition does. TRF joins the family in their journey to treatment and a hopeful cure. Like the kids facing cancer, the amazing people at the TRF are true warriors. I am honored and proud to be a member of such an inspiring organization.

Warren Volker, MD, PhD

Volker Foundation



Kim Gradisher

Executive Director
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Michelle Gonzaga

Outreach Director
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Aleksei Reyes

Development and Program Coordinator

Regina Johnson

Office Manager