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What Changed
Imagine Dragons

From one Facebook message, to the Grammy-award winning band Imagine Dragons, came an enduring friendship that started the movement to make a difference for pediatric cancer families.

Finishing the Race: Lota’s Story

Lota, an ultra runner, hasn’t let 7 surgeries and his brain tumor growing back 3 times stop him from being a warrior and continuing the race. At only 10 years old, he is an example to all of the grit and determination it takes to overcome anything life throws at you.

The Tyler Robinson Foundation

The Tyler Robinson Foundation was born in 2013 when Imagine Dragons’ superfan and friend, Tyler Robinson lost his battle with cancer at the young age of 17. We felt it no coincidence that Tyler passed on MARCH FOURTH. This story represents where TRF has been and the impact it’s had on hundreds of families, and pushes us to MARCH FORTH to #slaycancerwithdragons